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Rune Stones Expansions

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Expansion 1: Nocturnal Creatures

Nocturnal Creatures adds a new set of creature cards (Banshees) to the game, and a new mechanic for Wisps.

During set up, a Wisp token is placed face down every 5 points on the scoring track, up to space 50 (there are 11 wisp tiles, so one will not be used). Then, all of the tokens are turned over, and the 2-3 "Wisp" tokens are left on their space on the score track. Whenever a player reaches or passes over that space on the track, they may choose from one of the face up Wisp tiles, which gives them an immediate bonus.

The expansion comes with 16 banshee cards, 1 in each color for each of the 4 reward types.

Steal: If possible, all players must give a gem of the corresponding color to the player.

Resurrect: Search the discard pile and take a card of your choice (placing in in your discard pile as normal).

Wisped: Take one of the available Wisp tiles and receive the reward immediately.

Card Switch: Destroy the played Banshee card and take a card from the display directly into your hand. Since the Banshee card is destroyed, the other card is placed in your discard pile regardless of number.

Expansion 2: Enchanted Forrest

Rune Stones: Enchanted Forest includes two expansion modules:

• Familiars: Players may forfeit the action of a card in order to move their familiar deeper into the enchanted forest. By doing so they may collect magical toadstools and receive some bonuses that will help them on their quest. Players will also receive points at the end of the game based on their position along the track.

• Rune Influx: Eight new types of Rune Stones that can be added to the game, as well as optional rules for bringing Rune Stones into play.





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