Collection: Stefan Feld City Collection

The Stefan Feld City Collection is an extensive, multi-year collaboration with acclaimed Euro-strategy game designer Stefan Feld. This collection includes both reimaginations of previously released titles, as well as brand new games. Each of the new editions has been extensively playtested and tweaked, and all games in the cities highlight a city from around the world. 

Classic Editions

The "Classic" (Standard) editions have all the same gameplay content as the Deluxe editions, stored in a box featuring Classic-style Euro game art from many familiar and highly acclaimed names. the Classic editions are designed to be stored next to each other to form a continuous panorama (or, you can flip it around for the "bookshelf" side of the game box if you prefer). 

Deluxe Editions

The Deluxe editions are limited in supply and the main feature of our Kickstarter campaigns. These include:

  • The Deluxe Upgrade Kit (same as above)
  • Slightly large box with a modern design
  • Box sleeve with the Classic art in a daytime and nightime version
  • Gametrayz storage solution
  • Challenge Coin/First Player marker for each game