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Alhambra MegaBox

Alhambra MegaBox

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Tiles in the MegaBox are 25% larger.

Includes all the same content as the second edition Big Box, plus 17 extra Designers' Expansion modules:

  • Dirk Henn: New Building Grounds & Major Construction Projects
  • Emanuele Ornella: Palace Staff & Orchards
  • Klaus-Jürgen Wrede: Travelling Craftsmen & Wishing Well
  • Marco Ruskowski & Marcel Süßelbeck: Fresh Colors & Palace Designers
  • Michael Schacht: Alhambra Zoo
  • Michael Rieneck: Gates without End
  • Mike Elliott: Buildings of Power
  • Rüdiger Dorn: Extensions
  • Stefan Feld: Handymen
  • 3 Fan designed expansion modules






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