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Amerigo Queenie Bundle (1-3)

Amerigo Queenie Bundle (1-3)

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Queenie 1: Volcanic Island 

When setting up the game, place the volcanic island tile in the central playing area, then place one gold tile face down on each marked space on this tile. Whenever someone builds over one of these tiles, she reveals the number on the tile and immediately receives that much gold.

Originally released in 2013

Queenie 2: Cove Island, Bay Island & New Progress Tokens

Amerigo Queenie 2: Cove Island, Bay Island & New Progress Tokens consists of additional components that can be mixed with those in the base game. The cove island tile has many small island pieces with a large central waterway, while the bay island tile has a massive block of land that will almost certainly create a large island in the playing area. The six progress tokens add new abilities that players can gain during the game, such as the ability to ignore the pirates once or to take a second action at the end of a round.

Originaly released in 2013

Queenie 3: Special Production Buildings and Tokens

With this expansion in the game, when a player chooses the red Plan action, they can take one of the four production building tiles instead of a neutral landscape tile; when he uses the green Build action to place this building on an island, he takes one of the five special production tokens available and places it on his player sheet. These production tokens are treated like any other during scoring.

Originaly released in 2013

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