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Luxor Queenies

Luxor Queenies

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Queenie 1: Swarm of Scarabs

New scarab tiles that give special actions

Queenie 2: The Snake God's Boon

Green tiles that can be mixed in or replace the Osiris tiles. As long as a player has an adventurer on the tile, they receive a special ability.

Queenie 3: Secret Missions

Secret mission tiles give you extra opportunities to earn points by exchanging treasures, keys, scarabs and progression to get even more rewards for them.

Queenie 4: The Treasure Chamber 

The treasure chamber is filled with treasures that award many points. There are four entrances to the chamber around the game board. Entering will take you out of your way, but inside you can find valuable treasures. While it is lucrative to go through the treasure chamber, only when you get to the end, you will be back on the game board appearing on the last discovered entrance. Adventurers inside the treasure chamber at game end will award no points for the player.

Queenie 5: Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Extra tiles for Queenies 1-4



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